Ball Skills

Having good core ball skills of passing and catching are essential. This is best achieved by repetitional catching and passing.

Throwing Essentials:

- Have good core rotation

- Unwind the body, leading with the elbow at a right angle and end with a wrist flick

- See the video for perfect technique: Video

Basic Passing:

Two players set up opposite each other, either on land or in a boat, at a comfortable distance. Then pass between, aiming for their hand at head height, trying to receive the ball and bring it behind the head, before passing back.

If you have a ball that has no grip that you don’t mind ruining, you can do this drill against a wall instead. Another option is to receive passes from a variety of angles, practicing catching from every possible side.


Practicing dribbling when out kayaking is also good, both paddle dribbling and hand dribbling, on both sides.