Current Committee

President: Hollie Jackson

Course: Geology, Year 4

Responsibilites: The President is responsible for chairing and writing the agenda for all committee meetings. The President shall oversee the organization and management of the Group and the Committee as a whole; ensure the officers’ accountability to Members, the Committee, and the Students’ Union; and represent the Group to all external interests. They shall communicate the Group’s activities to Members and the Students’ Union and lead on the organization of the Group’s democratic processes. They are responsible for managing the club's public image, reputation and long-term development.

Vice-President: Will Goodman

Course: Aeronautics & Astronautics, Year 2

Responsibilites: Assist other committee members in their duties. Make sure the president doesn't burn out by taking on some of their workload. Covering the president’s role in cases of absence/illness.

Secretary: Ethan Pantling

Course: Aeronautics & Astronautics, Year 3

Responsibilites: The Secretary shall oversee the administration of the Group, take minutes at General Meetings and Meetings of the Committee, and maintain a list of all members, including up to date contact details, which shall be available to the Club’s committee and the AU on their request. The Secretary will oversee the health and safety requirements of the club ensuring up to date risk assessments are completed for each activity.

Training Secretary: Jake Wallis

Course: Geography, Year 3

Responsibilites: The Training Secretary shall encourage the sporting development of the Club and coach the team at training and matches. They are responsible for devising sessions and training plans. These include both in the pool, on lakes & rivers and dry sessions such as throwing.

Kit Secretary: Ryan Gunther-Leece

Course: Game Design & Art, Year 2

Responsibilites: The Kit & Stash Secretary is responsible for the maintenance and replacement of all club kit. Does not have to repair kit but takes charge of making sure it is done by other members or outside help. They also take responsibility for ordering personal stash like hoodies and rash vests for members.

Treasurer: Alec Mathison

Course: Computer Science, Year 3

Responsibilites: The Treasurer shall oversee the financing of the Group, set the Group's budget, and maintain the accounts of the Group. The Treasurer must ensure that the Club's accounts are up to date and they monitor all bank account details along with all relevant documentation. The Treasurer must also ensure that a budget application for the following academic year is drafted to be submitted when required. Any funds spent by the group must follow Union regulations (as set out in the Constitution and Grant Aid) and be authorized by the Treasurer and the President/ Club Captain.

Social Secretaries: Jason Russell & Oliver Hunter

Course: Aeronautics & Astronautics, Year 2 & Oceanography, Year 2

Responsibilites: The Social Secretary shall work with all members of the committee to plan and carry out an enjoyable and effective social calendar for the academic year. They shall provide social and cultural pursuits for the Group’s Members, with a mix of drinking and non-drinking socials; this can include pub trips and such at tournaments. In particular, in charge of sorting the Christmas Social. They shall also work to promote and maintenance of the overall group ethos.

Welfare Secretary: Hannah Jarman

Course: Medicine, Year 4

Responsibilites: The Welfare Officer shall provide welfare pursuits for the Group’s Members and offer academic advice in conjunction with the course representatives of the Students’ Union. The officer is responsible for representing new members on the committee, and for relaying feedback from tournaments or in general to the committee.

Web Secretary: Kate Pearse

Course: Molecular Medicine, PhD

Responsibilites: Maintain the club’s Facebook, Instagram, and any other social media pages. Promote the club’s activities on said social media platforms major fresher events on social media are of high importance. Responsible for designing and printing the fresher poster for distribution at bunfight and fresher’s taster weekend. Maintaining the club website and ensuring it is fully up to date. Take responsibility of the club's file system, maintaining an organized file structure.

Tournament Secretary: Samuel Jadav

Course: Aeronautics & Astronautics, Year 2

Responsibilites: It shall be the role of the Tournament Secretary to organize all friendly matches and competitive matches including BUCS which will involve liaising with the AU administrator. This will include organizing transport, entry and accommodation as well as liaising with both the secretary and treasurer to ensure a risk assessment and budget has been completed. The Tournament secretary should be assisted in their role by Team captains and other committee members.

Past Committees


President: Rowan Kettle
Vice-President: Maddie Sumpter
Secretary: Hollie Jackson
Treasurer: Alec Mathison
Welfare Secretary: Becky Deakin
Social Secretary: Alex Mactavish & Jamie Maher
Kit Secretary: Sam Stirling
Tournament Secretary: Daniel Hibbins
Web Secretary: Hannah Jarman
Training Secretary: Jake Wallis


President: Sam Stirling
Vice-President: Ella Stephens
Secretary: Saskia Proud
Treasurer: Kate Callaghan
Welfare Secretary: Maddie Sumpter
Social Secretary: Tommy Corbishley
Kit Secretary: Paddy Deegan
Tournament Secretary: Jessy Marin
Web Secretary: Jamie Maher
Training Secretary: Rowan Kettle


President: Gavin Fish
Vice-President: Danny Hussain
Secretary: Ella Stephens
Treasurer: Alex Rostron
Welfare Secretary: Jessy Marin
Social Secretary: Maddie Sumpter
Kit Secretary: Sam Stirling
Tournament Secretary: Thea O'Brien & Jon Li
Web Secretary: Kate Callaghan
Training Secretary: Rowan Kettle


President: Catherine Tappenden
Secretary: Livvy George
Treasurer: Danny Hussain
Welfare Secretary: Thea O'Brien
Social Secretary: Euan Donovan-Hill
Kit Secretary: Gavin Fish
Tournament Secretary: Grace Walburn & Matas Gelžinis
Training Secretary: Sam Davies
Development Training Secretary: Jon Li
Stash Secretary: Katherine Midwinter
General Member: Jake Lawrie-Ashton


President: Olivia Reed
Secretary: Grace Walburn
Treasurer: Archie Marshall
Freshers Rep: Thea O'Brien
Social Secretary: Gavin Fish & Lottie Mercer
Kit Secretary: Stuart Wright
Training Secretary: Jake Lawrie-Ashton
Media Officer: Rachel Baylis
Stash Secretary: Katherine Midwinter
General Member: Emily Pearce & Toby Page


President: Tom Ladyman
Secretary: Olivia Reed
Treasurer: Em Brockhurst
Fresher/Welfare/Social Secratary: Andy Everitt & Robin Vienney
Kit Secretary: Stuart Wright
Training Secretary: Ryan McCarthy
Media Officer: Archie Marshall
Stash Secretary: Toby Page
General Member: Erik Meilak


President: Ryan McCarthy
Secretary: Keeley-Jade Diggons
Treasurer: Erin Johnston
Social Secretary: Robin Vienney & Gen Hinde
Kit Secretary: Toby Bingham
Media Officer: Dominic Holden
Training Secretary: Jake Lawrie-Ashton
Fresher Rep: Andrew Nesbitt
General Member: Erik Meilak


President: Dominic Holden
Secretary: Keeley-Jade Diggons
Treasurer: Izzy Kimber
Social Secretary: Findlay Webb & Erik Meilak
Training & Kit Secretary: Tom Ladyman
Fresher Rep: Andrew Nesbitt
General Member: Ryan McCarthy


President: Dominic Holden
Secretary: James Bradley
Treasurer: Ryan McCarthy
Social Secretary: Jack Poole & Katy Gatfield
Kit Secretary: Toby Williamson-Smith
Fresher Rep: Andrew Nesbitt
Web Master: Tom Ladyman
General Member: Rachel Morgan


President: Jeremy Smith
Secretary: Charlotte Jackson
Treasurer: Maria Lynch
Social Secretary: Dominic Holden
Kit Secretary: Ross Gordon
Tournament Secretary: Michael Sanderson
General Member: Tom Ladyman