Fitness & Kayak Skills


The best way to improve fitness and speed is simply to paddle. The lactic test is the best way of doing this. Please ensure you have reviewed the paddling technique section to prevent injuries, and that you warm up before undertaking this.

Lactic Test:

- 6x 35-meter lengths

- 1x minute break

- Repeat 6 or 8 times (dependent upon space available)

Kayak Paddle Technique

Good paddling technique is essential for preventing injuries and increasing speed and stamina. View the video below for a overview of perfect paddling technique. Obviously, this video is focused on marathon kayaks, however the principles are the same for polo.

Paddling Technique Video

Kayak Boat Control

Boat control is also vital in polo, so whilst paddling you can practice edging and dip turns on both sides is important.

Specific boat control is hard to describe without demos, therefore I have stolen the video resources below that are useful to visualise dip turning and other skills.

Dip Turns

Warm Up and Other Skills