ULU (Paddlington) is the first major tournament of the year, it usually hosted in October (early in Semester 1) and is hosted by University of London Canoe Polo. Its held at Herts Young Mariner Base which makes this an outdoor tournament. There is always an open League, A Ladies League, an olds League and a Freshers league, each freshers team is usually made up of 4 players who have never played the sport before, and a playmaker (someone who is experienced at Canoe Polo and is therefore not allowed to shoot and score).


Warwick Canoe Polo host two tournaments at their new pool each year. The first is in Semester One and the second is in Semester 2. Each tournaments is usually split up over two days. With one day being for the A League and the other being for the B's League and Ladies League.


This tournament is hosted by Cardiff University and is not actually held in Cardiff itself. It is actually held in Taff Bargoed, in the Welsh Valleys. The tournament usually takes place around the start of easter break and is the ideal opportunity to test out teams for BUCS a month later. The is always 3 leagues: An A league, a B league and a Ladies league. This tournament is a great way to kick off your Easter Break!


BUCS is definitely the biggest tournament of tbe year. Held in Holme Pierrepoint in Nottingham, This tournament attaracts every University Canoe Polo club and offers them the chance to win BUCS points for their respective Universities. BUCS is usually held on the last weekend of April, and has an A League and a Ladies League (this is where those important points are won!).

They also have a B league however this league does not allow you to win points for your university. Slightly more seriously, there is also a referee course run over the weekend; it's very important the club can provide trained refs for tournaments! However with a massive and themed party tent, a hilarious duos match and the club out in force, this event is anything but serious! Truly one of the highlights of the year!

London International

This tournament is not specifically a university tournament, but we aim to enter a team here. It is Hosted by Meridian Canoe Club and is held at Danson Park, London. This tournament is typically at the end of July, and consists of 3 divisions. The club usually enters a team into division 3, and opens up the tournament to anyone who wishes to attend. This is also a great tournament to watch some truly great Canoe Polo, as it attracts teams from across Europe, making the standard of Canoe Polo very high in the top division!

National & Regional Leagues

Regional - South West

The club competes in the Divison 2 Regional tournament which means they face teams from the South West Corner of the country. Tournaments are usually held 3 times a year in Street.

National - South West

The club is currently in National Division 4, which sees them come up against teams from the South of the Country. Nationals is usually held twice a season, with a third tournament a play-off to see who gets promoted.