Committee 2016-17

Ryan Photo

Ryan McCarthy


The president is responsible for the general running of the club including training sessions. They chair all committee meetings and will liaise with the Student Union on behalf of the club.

KJ Photo

Keeley-Jade Diggons

General Secretary

Keeps the records and sorts the forms, as well as taking minutes of all committee meetings and ensuring that they are available to anyone who requests them. Is also responsible for tournament entires.

Erin Photo

Erin Johnston


Is in charge of the club finances which involves the budgeting for all events, campaigns and funding from the Union allocated to the club. Also responsible for collecting membership and tournament fees.

Jake Photo

Jake Richard Lawrie-Ashton

Training Secretary

Responsible for organising all training outside of the normal pool sessions, such as river trips or gym sessions. Helps shape and direct teams for tournaments, as well as offering pitch-side advice during play.

Toby Photo

Toby Bingham

Kit Secretary

The kit secretary takes charge of buying new equipment for the club and facilitates the maintenance of the current stock. While it is not their responsibility to fix everything themselves, they will organise for club members to do so.

Robin Photo

Robin Vienny

Social Secretary

Responsible for ordering club clothing, such as hoodies and rash vests. Organises events and socials throughout the year, such as regular nights out and joint events with other societies. Works with the other Social Secretary to organise big events such as the AGM and Christmas Social.

Gen Photo

Gen Hinde

Social Secretary

Organises events and socials throughout the year for the club, such as club meals out both at tournaments and at home. Works with the other Social Secretary to organise big events such as the AGM and Christmas Social.

Erik Photo

Erik Meilak

General Member

A General Member does not have any specific responsiblities, so instead helps any of the other committee members if they so need it. This could range from running a training session to organising a social.

Andy Photo

Andrew Nesbitt

Fresher Rep

Has the job of representing all new members in the club on the committee, so if anyone is experiencing any issues they can be raised at a committee meeting and dealt with.

Dom Photo

Dominic Holden

Media Officer

Keeps the club website up to date with all the latest photos and results from tournaments. Helps run the club Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Committee 2015-16

President - Dominic Holden
General Secretary - Keeley-Jade Diggons
Treasurer - Izzy Kimber
Social Secretaries - Findlay Webb and Erik Meilak
General Member - Ryan McCarthy
Fresher Rep - Andrew Nesbitt
Training and Kit Secretary - Tom Ladyman

Committee 2014-15

President - Dominic Holden
General Secretary - James Bradley
Treasurer - Ryan McCarthy
Social Secretaries - Jack Poole and Katy Gatfield
General Member - Rachel Morgan
Fresher Rep - Andrew Nesbitt
Kit Secretary - Toby Williamson-Smith
Web Master - Tom Ladyman

Committee 2013-14

President - Jeremy Smith
General Secretary - Charlotte Jackson
Treasurer - Maria Lynch
Social Secretary - Dominic Holden
General Member - Tom Ladyman
Kit Secretary - Ross Gordon
Tournament Secretary - Michael Sanderson