Club Teams

An explaination of the different teams that the club fields at tournaments and how you can progress through the club!


As you might expect, this is the starting point for the majority of new members to the club. A number of tournaments will have dedicated Fresher-only leagues at the start of the year, to help ease new players into the game. After these tournaments are done however, this team gets absorbed into the regular squads. For more experienced paddlers or those that have already played the game, you will normally skip this and be put straight into the regular teams.

Fresher Fresher


Hopefully it is fairly obvious how you qualify for this team, and always entered into the ladies-specific leagues at tournaments, unless otherwise noted. It is not mandatory for female players to be in this team: it is a mixed sport after all! If you want to mix it up with the boys or push yourself for the top squad the club is more than happy to encourage and help you!

Ladies Ladies


This is the main development side of the club. It is by playing on this side that players will gain the skills and experience needed to progress to the top of the club and compete with the best teams around the country. Almost all tournaments will have a second league into which the B team will be entered. This gives the team a chance to play against sides of a similar level, and so get the most out of every tournament.



Something of a hybrid team here. At some tournaments this will be the only team entered, and spots are open to anyone and all that would like to play. In these cases, the focus isn't on getting results but instead on building experience and having fun! In other cases, this team will be entered alongside the A team in the top league at tournaments. In these instances the team will essentially be the B Team. However, to indicate that they were instead entered in the higher league and not the B league, the Results will have it listed as the Open Team competing.



The top team in the club! The best of the club and always entered into the highest leagues possible at tournaments! The team is open to anyone and everyone - if you are good enough you can make it! Often the tournaments at the start of the year are used as try outs, so the existing members of the team can get a feel for potential new players, before selecting who will be moved up for the big tournaments towards the end of the season. Competition can be fierce but always remains friendly.



A very few tournaments will have a league dedicated to ex-students. This is essentially an excuse for recently graduated former club members to come out for another hurrah with friends that have stayed on at university. Occasionally, there will be teams that have graduated at the same time and managed to keep playing together beyond university and want to represent their old club one more time. In any case, a few old faces will reappear at tournaments, and they will have their own league to keep them busy.

Old Old