Joining the Club

Whether you are new to the game or an experienced player, SUCP will have a space for you! You don't even have to be a student at the University of Southampton - SUCP is open to all!

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As with all the sports clubs at the University, SUCP has a free taster session at the start of the academic year. Details on this are given out at the annual Bunfight, and are also posted to our Facebook page!

If you miss out on this however, the club also runs similar tasters at the start of Semester 2 as part of ReFreshers! But if you don't want to wait that long, you can always get in contact with our friendly committee, who will happily arrange for you to come down and try out at one of the regular training sessions.

To help you get the bug for the game, the club has a tradition of letting everyone have their first few training sessions for free - you can get into the swing of how we do things before you have to pay membership!


The club has 2 training sessions in the Jubilee swimming pool a week. In addition to this, Wednesday afternoons or the odd day at the weekend are used as a chance to head out and train on the river Itchen. Being outdoors and on a tidal waterway, these sessions can be pretty changeable! Moving back ashore, teammates will regularly be found heading to the gym together, or taking a break from studies during the day to grab a ball and have a throw around! Members can train at the level they want, ranging from just wanting to socialise and have fun in the pool, to pushing for a spot on the A team.


The club provides all the following essential equipment at BCU Canoe Polo specification: boats bouyancy aids, helmets with faceguards, spray decks, paddles and balls.

kit picture

If any member has their own of these things and wishes to use them instead of the club equipment that is allowed, however the club isn't responsible if anything happens to it! The equipment must meet the required safety specifications to be used in club sessions or at tournaments.

Members are only required to bring their own on water clothing. Note: you will get wet! For pool sessions: swimming costume or board shorts and a t-shirt or rash vest. River sessions are much more seasonally dependent, and recommendations will be made throughout the year as these sessions take place what clothing should be worn.

The club will organise to order kit over the course of the year, in particular club hoodies and rash vests. If there is sufficient interest the club will also organise orders for any personal equipment members might like, such as more durable outdoor gear or bigger things like helmets and paddles. By grouping the orders together and ordering as a club the price should come down.


For use of the Jubilee Sports Centre pool facilities Sport and Wellbeing membership is required. This can be purchased at the Sports Centre office or online via the University website. Student Union membership must also be purchased if you are joining as a non-student member of the club.

Finally, club membership is also required. This can also be purchased through the Student Box Office or the Union website. Alternatively a membership form can be found here and printed and returned to the club secretary with full payment.

Any questions or queries don't hesitate to contact the committee!